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  • Mission LiFE makes the fight against climate change democratic, in which everyone can contribute with their respective capacities.

    Shri Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India

Climate change education has now been accepted globally as a key driver of change to promote climate action. It can help young people understand and address the impacts of the climate crisis, empowering them with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to act as agents of change.

Why Leadership Challenge?

Leadership is the life skill that helps students to learn the art of collaboration, cooperation and communication to achieve set goals and tasks effectively. This climate action leadership challenge is developed for schools to create a cadre of young leaders.

Each step of the challenge helps students to understand complex sustainability issues using research focused and action-based project approaches.

Challenge offers students to gain hands-on experiences in their own school where they will be able to- Connect, Think, Act and Share.


The theoretical concepts of different disciplines


About the issues critically to find ways to solve a real-world problem


As agents of change for taking positive action


Reflections on the experiences

By working in a team, student leaders will get to

How does the challenge work?

A teacher from school attends a training programme to become a climate action mentor teacher. Teacher identifies a climate leaders’ team of 5-8 students and guides them in taking up the four step challenge.At this step, the overall journey of the challenge is documented by a team of students using various tools and methods. A creative report is shared to complete the challenge.

Build understanding and knowledge of student leaders on climate change science, reason, impacts and connecting with local situations.

Students take up the climate literacy quiz and use different methods to raise the climate knowledge quotient of the school.

Students conduct surveys and interviews for collecting data to estimate the carbon footprint of the school campus.

This involves school audit in the area of electricity consumption, use of transportation, water consumption and waste management.

Based on survey results, the student team decides on a carbon footprint reduction goal and develops action plans for achieving that goal.

Climate leader team engages other students in the school as possible for implementation of the climate action plan.

At this step, the overall journey of the challenge is documented by a team of students using various tools and methods.

The student leaders prepare a creative report for sharing their experiences during the journey of the challenge.

How to participate in the challenge?

As part of this national level challenge, HCL Foundation and Centre for Environment Education (CEE) invites schools to join the climate action movement in the country. Be part of this wonderful opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of your school, strengthen environmental and climate change education for students and create stronger links between school and society.

REGISTER Start with registering for the challenge
NOMINATE Appoint a teacher coordinator from the school
LOGIN On selection of your application, get school login details
SCHOOL PROFILE Create your own school profile by providing details
ACCESS Educational resources for understanding the challenge
TRAINING Nominated teacher attends the online training
PARTICIPATION Start the challenge with student leaders
INTERACT Meet experts and other schools’ team in Youth Climate Summit
SUBMISSION Submit report for each step of the challenge
EVALUATION Report will be evaluated for award and certification

How will this challenge benefit?

This is a national level challenge for schools which brings the following opportunities:

  • Exciting 8–9-month climate action programme at national level
  • Empowering teachers to act as climate action mentor by developing team of students
  • Engaging entire school and community in climate action
  • Getting support for preparation of school climate action profile and action plan to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Receiving certification for participation of students, teachers, school and other stakeholders
  • Receive certificate of participation as Climate Action Leader School
  • Continuing journey on this programme in coming years to become carbon neutral school leader.
  • Attend national level climate change education training
  • Build knowledge and expertise in imparting knowledge and understanding of our changing climate
  • Access to educational resources to support in running the sessions, challenge activities and documentation at school level
  • Mentoring a team of students in to conduct and complete challenge activities
  • Guide students in preparation and implementation of school’s level climate action plan.
  • Become part of national level climate action mentor network of teachers
  • Receive certificate of participation as Climate Action Mentor
  • Participate in national level climate action leadership programme
  • Build your knowledge and understanding of changing climate scientifically, think creatively, reason, find problems and try out ideas to solve them
  • Exchange ideas with climate experts and students from different schools
  • Serve as an inspiring climate action leader in school by taking part in the challenge
  • Engage the entire school in a climate action challenge to reduce carbon footprint
  • Become part of a national level climate action leader network of students
  • Receive certificate of participation as Climate Action Youth Leader
  • Continuing journey on this programme in coming years at national and global level